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My name is Lexis and I make masks, that make fantasy come to life.


My studio is the chamber I rule, a deeply private space where I create a dark erotic fantasy world and set it free from my imagination.

Thank you for taking the time to find out what my new site is all about. This is my online journal and the new home base for my photo collections, behind the scenes content, writings, deep thoughts and mask design. This is the second place I've featured my art since my former site just wasn't suited for my art "genre". So I packed up my shit and moved to a more custom site where I feel I can make richer and more thoughtful content come to life. What's better is I am able to make more content free and easier to interact with. I am also able to have a real shop with items for sale to help support the purchase of new supplies for new designs and creations.

So what makes this site so unique?

First, I love masks and have a very deep affinity for them. Because I enjoy cosplay and fantasy so much, I decided to combine the two and make the best of both worlds. Despite my very private nature, I find it therapeutic to share my designs and model them from my perspective. 


Fueled by my fascination with mixed-media I design with a mix of new, handmade and found parts. Each mask tells a uniquely different story both physically and figuratively. So I work with my photographer to bring them to life. ​


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So what does "Privateyes" mean?


Privateyes describes the way I choose to express myself in the world of masks and fantasy. Have you ever noticed a piece of art with dramatic eyes? It's hard to notice anything else besides them...


Privateyes stands for two, meaning, this is a joint creative outlet that I share with my husband. We are both deeply sensual people with an appreciation for all things dark, erotic, sexy and creative. He supports my desire to showcase my art so much so that he is my photographer, videographer and advisor. We started as lovers of art and kink and took that one step further into a creative process that flows well past the normal 9-5 job. It's a lifestyle that pairs so nicely with our world of fetish and cosplay.

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